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Dental service for root canal (Endodontics)

Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment cuts the dental pulp or the small tissue in the middle of the tooth when the root pulp is damaged, inflamed or dead. The remaining process cleans, shapes and fills the root canal which effectively seals it. For many years, a tooth with an inflamed pulp would have to be removed. Nowadays, with the root canal treatment, your teeth can be saved.

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a root canal
  • Dentists will eliminate tissue that is inflamed or infected.
  • The root canal will be cleaned and filled with medicine.
  • The tooth root will be closed with temporary material to prevent repeated infection.
  • In some cases, such as with pus at the end of tooth root, it may take several times of cleaning and changing the medicine until the infection or inflammation disappears.
  • If there is no inflammation of the tooth root, the dentist will close the root canal permanently to wait for the restoration of the tooth body.
  • • The restoration of the tooth body for normal use after the root canal treatment can be done in several ways such as filling, fixture implanting and crown which depends on the condition of the dentine that is left.

A root canal treatment can save your tooth for further use which is better than using a denture because the tooth that is saved is another tooth in the mouth that is held firmly and strongly in the socket, which feels better than using a denture.


Root canal treatment

After the root canal treatment, the tooth may ache which can be divided into 2 cases.

  • Pain during the treatment, especially after the first treatment, can often occur including swollen gums.
  • Pain after the treatment.





Root canal treatment for front teeth, 6,000 baht / tooth
Root canal treatment for premolar teeth for 1 root canal, 7,000 baht / tooth
Root canal treatment for premolar teeth for 2 root canal, 8,000 baht / tooth
Root canal treatment for molar teeth for 3 root canal, 9,000 baht / tooth
Root canal treatment for molar teeth for 4 root canal, 10,000 baht / tooth

Note: Not including the cost for restoring the tooth body after the root canal treatment.

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