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Dental services for children (Pedodontics)

Pedodontics is a branch of dentistry which gives advice, looks after, and prevents problems for the health of mouth cavity and teeth of children from infants to approximately 12 years old. This includes polishing and coating with fluoride, filling tooth pit and fissure to prevent cavity, tooth filling, pulp treatment, dental crowns in the case of a spreading cavity, tooth extraction, X-ray, checkup, and space maintainer or space retainer. [ Space Maintainer or Space Regainer ]

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•	There are 2 ways to use fluoride to prevent tooth decay which are to eat and coat the surface of the tooth.
  • There are 2 ways to use fluoride to prevent tooth decay which are to eat and coat the surface of the tooth.
    The types that can be eaten comes usually in the form of tablets, liquid, vitamins, and water or milk added with fluoride. The types that are coating come in the form of tooth paste, mouthwash, and concentrated liquid fluoride for coating used by dentists.Cost
    Fluoride coating treatment is 700 baht
    Fluoride-containing prophylaxis paste is 500 baht
  • Pit & fissure sealant for tooth cavity prevention
    Cost Milk tooth 500 baht / tooth
    Permanent tooth 600 baht / tooth
  • Tooth retainer
    Retainer for a piece of the jaw 4,500 baht / set
    Retainer for both pieces of the jaw 7,000 baht / upper / lower
  • Tooth pulp treatment for children
    Pulpotomy 2,500 baht / tooth (not including tooth crown)
    Pulpectomy 300 baht / tooth (not including tooth crown)
  • Tooth crown
    Tooth color crown 3,000 baht / tooth
    Stainless steel crown SSC 2,500 baht / tooth

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