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X-ray for dental service

X-ray for dental service

Tooth X-ray is a very important tool in dentistry that must be performed prior to orthodontic treatment. A tooth x-ray will help to diagnose and analyze the characteristics of a patient’s teeth as our teeth have many angles that cannot be seen by eyes alone. Thus, the Tooth X-ray was developed to solve this problem. After the x-ray, dentists will see the characteristics of your teeth and roots including the bone around the teeth. This ability to see all characteristics of your teeth and roots will help dentists to diagnose and plan more quickly and with more accuracy, the right orthodontic treatment for you.

In what cases do you need a tooth x-ray?
X-ray photos provide important information that helps dentists to diagnose, plan treatments and follow up on the results. The X-ray photo is often used to support treatments in dentistry such as

– – Tooth X-ray for tooth or impacted tooth extraction
– Tooth X-ray to check for smooth surface cavities
– Tooth X-ray for root canal treatment
– Tooth X-ray for the treatment of periodontitis disease
– Tooth X-ray for orthodontic dentistry

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How to prepare for the x-ray?
How to prepare for the x-ray?
During the X-ray, patients must remove any metal from the face and in the mouth such as glasses and removable fittings in the mouth such as removable false teeth, removable braces and retainers. For X-rays outside the mouth, patients must remove necklaces, earrings and hairpins to prevent the obstruction of teeth and root and during the x-ray. Patients need to remain still until the signal sound of the X-ray machine has stopped.
 Is the ray used in the x-ray dangerous?
Is the ray used in the x-ray dangerous?
The ray used for the x-ray is called X-ray which is the same ray that is used in medicine. The amount of the X-ray is relatively low especially when it is compared to the X-ray used for medical diagnosis. However, the X-ray should be performed only when it is necessary, according to the discretion of the dentist. As protection when a tooth X-ray is performed, staff must wear a protective shirt and the patient’s neck must be covered with a protective shield. Nevertheless, patients can look after their dental health easily, by brushing their teeth at least 2 times a day and cleaning their teeth with dental floss every day, along with regular checkups every 6 months – 1 year.

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