Metal Braces with Elastic Ligatures

Metal Braces with Elastic Ligatures

(Metal Braces)

Orthodontic treatment using ligating metal braces involves attaching metal brackets to the front surface of the teeth and threading wires through these brackets. This method is commonly used to straighten and align teeth, and it is particularly popular among teenagers, young adults, and general patients. One of the reasons for its popularity is the wide range of colors available, allowing patients to choose according to their preferences.

Metal braces with rubber bands are a widely used orthodontic method. The tools are made of metal, with a smooth and glossy surface, making it harder for food debris and bacteria to stick compared to other materials. The placement of the braces on the outer surface of the teeth also facilitates easier and more convenient cleaning.

Should take care of the tools according to the instructions and meet with the dentist as scheduled for the successful outcome of the treatment.

Orthodontics Dentist

Dr. Daranee Vanichtantiphong (Doctor Yui)
Orthodontics Dentist, Oral Surgery Dentist, Pedodontics Dentist



According to treatment plan

Smile 1 Treatment completed on time.

Smile 2 Solves problems on the spot, mutual understanding on the treatment.

Smile 3 Treatment fee does not escalate, pay as agreed.

Smile 4 Taking care.

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