Orthodontics Service

Orthodontics Service


Orthodontics is considered an important and popular dental treatment method nowadays. It aims to correct dental abnormalities such as overlapping teeth, gaps, and protruding teeth. Well-aligned teeth not only impact chewing function and convenience in maintaining oral hygiene but also contribute to facial aesthetics. This raises numerous questions about where and from whom to receive orthodontic treatment, and whether the cost is justified.

At LDC Dental, we have highly specialized dentists who are ready to provide you with the best consultation and treatment. Their knowledge and experience in direct dental care allow us to offer accurate and efficient dental advice and treatment for any case or problem. You won't have to spend unnecessary time and money on treatment that doesn't yield clear results.

The cosmetic dentistry services we provide

“Because we understand your diverse needs, we offer a wide range of options for you to make the best decisions.”

Treatment with Tooth-Colored, Non-Elastic Appliances

(Damon Clear braces)

Treatment with Tooth-Colored, Elastic Appliances

(Ceramic braces)

Clear aligner orthodontic treatment

(Invisalign หรือ Aligner)

Metal Braces with Self-Ligating Brackets

(Damon3 braces)

Metal Braces with Elastic Ligatures

(Metal Braces)

Lingual Orthodontics


Orthodontics Dentist

Dr. Daranee Vanichtantiphong (Doctor Yui)
Orthodontics Dentist, Oral Surgery Dentist, Pedodontics Dentist



According to treatment plan

Smile 1 Treatment completed on time.

Smile 2 Solves problems on the spot, mutual understanding on the treatment.

Smile 3 Treatment fee does not escalate, pay as agreed.

Smile 4 Taking care.

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At LDC Dental, we are committed to providing quality service with a professional team, comfortable and comprehensive locations, modern equipment, and the latest treatment technologies. You can be confident that you will receive treatment and service of the same standard at every LDC Dental branch.

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