Removable Dentures

Removable Dentures

(Removable Bridge)

Removable Dentures is for individuals who still have their natural teeth intact. It is used in some parts and can be removed to clean. There are different types of removable partial dentures available, including metal frame dentures, acrylic frame dentures, and removable dentures for the entire mouth.

This type of dentures help patients properly maintain and keep it clean while also assisting in chewing food. Can be applied in multiple teeth or entire mouth with lower price than permanent denture.

While not wearing dentures, it is recommended to soak them in clean water to maintain moisture. It is important to handle them with care as dentures can break. They should be removed and cleaned properly using the correct methods.

Removable metal frame dentures

Starting at 15,000 baht not including teeth (500 baht per teeth)


Removable Plastic Base Denture

Starting at 4,500 – 5,500 baht not including teeth (500 baht per teeth)


​​Removable Dentures for entire mouth

Starting at 20,000 baht, for entire mouth starting at 40,000 baht 

Periodontics Dentist

Dr. Lertrit SSarinnapakorn (Doctor Mum)
Implant Dentist, Prosthodontics Dentist, Occlusion Dentist
Dr. Jareerat Na Wong (Doctor Pure)
Implant Dentist, Prosthodontics Dentist


Removable Dentures

1-2 years

Guarantee repair free of charge, not covering in case of broken, falling out or missing dentures.

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