Treatment with Tooth-Colored, Non-Elastic Appliances

Treatment with Tooth-Colored, Non-Elastic Appliances

(Damon Clear braces)

Orthodontic treatment with tooth-colored, elastic-free appliances is called Damon Clear braces. It is a tightly fitting orthodontic technique that utilizes special materials. Damon Clear braces are an innovative tool designed to achieve easier and faster tooth movement compared to other types of braces.

Damon Clear braces are a type of fixed orthodontic treatment that utilizes special materials. They are an innovative and new orthodontic tool designed to facilitate easy and fast tooth movement. Damon Clear braces are known for their translucent appearance, which makes them less noticeable compared to other types of fixed braces.

Due to the reduced frequency of visits to the dentist resulting from the design of the Damon Clear braces, it is important to take care of the braces to maintain their optimal condition. This ensures the effectiveness of the braces in achieving the desired tooth movement. Additionally, it is crucial to clean the braces appropriately.

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Dr. Daranee Vanichtantiphong (Doctor Yui)
Orthodontics Dentist, Oral Surgery Dentist, Pedodontics Dentist



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